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kayleigh kane

trainer, facilitator, culture consultant



I am a corporate trainer, facilitator, and culture consultant based in Boston, Massachusetts. I have over a decade of experience in improvisation, and I'm passionate about not only the boundless joy and fun of this practice, but also its capacity to transform organizations. I specialize in using applied improvisation to train employees in authenticity, boundary-setting, and productive communication. My workshops have been described as fun, engaging, and highly applicable to the workplace.

I have training from ImprovBoston and iO Chicago, as well as coursework at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. I am a member of the Improvisation Principles team at EI Research, where I helped to create an applied improvisation curriculum to develop social-emotional skills for effective management. I have experience in instruction, facilitation, and curriculum design with ImprovBoston, GC Entertainment, and Boston Strategy Group, where I work with groups in higher education, non-profit, and corporate environments. I am a cast member of the ImprovBoston National Touring Company, and have performed at improv festivals across the country.

Applied Improvisation & Remote Work

Check out this article I'm featured in about how Applied Improvisation training can improve your remote workplace culture!

Let's work together!

My corporate workshops use the power of applied improvisation and creative empowerment to unlock your team's potential. My experience in facilitation and my firm belief in consent-based practices allow me to create a team-building environment that is accessible, flexible, and fun. Explore the topics below to create a custom training program that's right for your team, and contact me for booking!


It's difficult to make decisions when we're overwhelmed. Applied Improvisation helps you to focus in on the relevant details, allowing you to make more effective decisions, and work with improved productivity.

Team Building

Having fun and taking risks together makes a team feel more connected. Applied Improvisation workshops accomplish this while also strengthening collaboration skills, to keep your team in sync when it's time to get back to work.


Applied Improvisation teaches us that, in order to succeed, we have to make space for our team members, and support their contributions. Taking this attitude to the workplace creates an environment where everyone can thrive.

Creative Problem-Solving

Applied Improvisation allows you to explore your ideas freely, and unlock your creative potential. Employees with this experience solve problems quicker and more innovatively, and experience less stress in the process.

Healthy Communication

Embracing the lessons taught by Applied Improvisation will help you place an emphasis on listening and affirming other perspectives. This leads to clearer communication, and everyone on the team feeling heard.


Effective leadership requires listening to others, making strong decisions, and acting under pressure. Applied Improvisation teaches all these skills and more, so you can step up with confidence, even in new and uncertain situations.

is it effective?


Francesca Gino, Harvard Business Review

"By applying these improv techniques in their teams, leaders can help everyone have more fun and encourage more creative ideas. Everyone will feel heard — and believe that working on a team is better than going it alone."

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