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does my project need an intimacy professional?

I recommend working with an intimacy professional if your project contains any intimate content. The term "intimate" is purposefully vague; if an actor feels that what they're doing is intimate or hyper-exposing in any way, it would be beneficial to have an intimacy professional present.

As a general standard, an intimacy professional is crucial if your production contains any nudity, simulated sex, portrayal of genital contact, portrayal of non-consensual contact, or extended sequences of kissing or romantic touch. An intimacy professional may be helpful if your production contains any mouth-to-mouth contact or contact between characters portraying a close relationship (familial, romantic, or otherwise).

For more details, Intimacy for the Stage & Screen has some excellent guidelines for working with an Intimacy Director (LIVE PERFORMANCE) or Intimacy Coordinator (FILM/TV).


ideally, you should be looking to contract an intimacy professional in the pre-production phase, with the rest of your design team. I can do my best work when I am involved before the casting process.

Are you a qualified intimacy professional? How can i tell?

I am! I am currently on the fourth and final level of my certification process with IDC. While this does indicate my readiness to work in the professional intimacy field, certification is not the only way to demonstrate qualification.

A trained and qualified intimacy director should have demonstrable competency in movement, physicality coaching, and creating choreography; the use of barriers, modesty garments, and masking techniques; productive communication; anti-harassment and bystander intervention; navigating power dynamics; mental health first aid; and consent-based and trauma-informed practices.

As an intimacy professional, I am always continuing my education and adding to my toolkit. For an up-to-date list of my training, visit my main intimacy page.

I'm a director with some intimacy training. can i handle the intimacy myself?

I generally advise against this. Because of the power the director holds in the space, this can lead to a coercive environment, even with the best intentions. If you'd like to discuss your specific circumstances, I am available for consultation.


When I work on a production, I involve the director in every part of the process to ensure the intimacy storytelling is consistent with their vision. I view every part of my role as highly collaborative, and the director is involved every step of the way.

how much rehearsal time will we need for the intimacy?

This will depend entirely on the content of your project. When I join a production, I start by meeting with the director to discuss the needs of the piece, and their vision for the intimacy. I then read the script, and put together a list of the intimate moments in the show, with rehearsal time estimates that I share with the stage manager along with my availability. If you'd like to discuss the needs of your specific production, I am available for consultation.

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