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about me

I'm a Movement Director based in Boston, Massachusetts. I combine my background and training in dance, gymnastics, comedy, intimacy, and theater to tell stories using the body, in a practice that is highly unique, adaptable, and dynamic. I offer a wide sliding scale of prices that allow me to work with theater companies of every size, as well as with higher education institutions.

My artistic interests in the field of creative movement include utilizing improvisation and devising techniques, choreographing stylized and non-realist sequences, and telling familiar stories in new and innovative. My background in theatrical intimacy allows me to work in a way that is safe, trauma-informed, and consent-based.

my process

My process in a production uses a wide variety of established techniques, as well as original exercises. I adapt my process to the people I'm working with and the piece I'm working on, implementing tools and exercises that will bring the best work out of everyone.

I begin the process by working with the Director to establish the needs of the show, and how creative movement will fit into the vision of the piece. Together with cast members, I create designs for how each character will move, as well as environmental and relational traits that may affect the movement of the ensemble. When approaching specific moments of movement, I view choreography as a collaborative effort between myself, the director, and the performers. During choreography, I act as a facilitator of consent and creative ideas, and as an expert in physical storytelling. Our goal is to create a sequence of choreography that is specific, story-driven, and sustainable for the performers involved.



Surreal & Interpretive Choreography

Character Physicality Design

Improvisational Tools & Methods

Safe Intimacy Practices

Fight Safety


Physical Comedy

LGBTQ+ Advocacy


"The creative process was a team effort; she allowed us to explore what felt comfortable for us. Kayleigh brought a positive attitude to every rehearsal and clearly cared deeply about the art we were creating together. I highly recommend working with her!"

Sarah Bizzotto



Movement is central to my practice as an artist. Whether I am creating a highly physical character, dancing in a musical, or utilizing physical comedy in my improvisation, I approach everything with a focus on kinesthetic creativity and a heightened sense of physical awareness.

My background in movement includes a variety of dance styles, and many years of gymnastics. While I incorporate those technical proficiencies into my work, my approach to choreography and movement directing are more flexible, inventive, and accessible. I allow the needs of the show and the group I'm creating with to influence our process, and I view choreography as a collaboration between myself and those performing it, to ensure it works with their unique abilities and bodies.

In addition to creating sequences of movement, I also work actors, improvisers, and other artists to design the physicality of individual characters. Using a collection of exercises inspired by Laban, Lessac, and Viewpoints techniques, I help others design a posture, gait type, and physical vocabulary for each character.

Entropy Theatre
The Moors

Movement and Intimacy Director​

a grimm thing

Movement and Intimacy Director​

Prescott Park Arts Festival & Firehouse Center for the Arts
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Choreographer and Intimacy Director

merrimack college
Creative Movement Celebrity Series Workshop

Yes And Practice: Character Movement

freelance players

Praxis Stage​
All My Sons
Movement and Intimacy Director
Exiled Theatre
Nurse Play
Movement Director
Mask and Dagger dramatic society
Movement Director
Dog Sees God
Movement Director
Intimacy choreography
Claire Warden, Intimacy Directors and Coordinators
Dan Granke, Intimacy Directors International
Chelsea Pace, Theatrical Intimacy Education
Laura Rikard, Theatrical Intimacy Education
Megan Gilron, National Society for Intimacy Professionals

lessac method
Deborah Kinghorn, University of New Hampshire

Devising techniques

Janessa Johnsrude, Dell'Arte International

Character Building Blocks
Seth Thomas, Second City Chicago

dance (ballet, hip hop, modern, & more)
Caitlin Brandt, Nashoba Valley Dance Academy
Jennie Membrino-Nano, Nashoba Valley Dance Academy
Various, The Dance Complex

Various, Planet Gymnastics
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