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Current shows and offerings

Blittle League
Tuesdays at 8:00 PM

on The Splorts Hub

69 Minutes of Sex with Me
Fridays at 9:00 PM

on 2MB Studios

ImprovBoston at the rockwell
Visit ImprovBoston for more Information
Available For Enrollment
Improv Core Curriculum at ImprovBoston

The ImprovBoston Comedy School curriculum gives you all the tools you need to jumpstart your improv journey.

New Session Coming Soon!

Character, Scene, and Structure at ImprovBoston

This advanced course for ImprovBoston Comedy School curriculum grads is a deep dive into advanced longform improv formats.

New Session Coming Soon!

Available For Booking
Private Improv Coaching

Available virtually.

Contact Me for Booking

Yes And Consent Workshop

This workshop applies the values and practices of theatrical intimacy to the art of improvisation. Learn how to keep your team safe and supported!

Available virtually.

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Character Movement Workshop

This workshop explores a variety of techniques for creating new and unique characters for acting and improvisation.

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Storytelling Through Movement Workshop

This workshop is all about inspiring creativity through movement. We will express emotions, embody characters, and tell stories using the body. Also available as a multi-week course!

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Improv for Professionals

I offer improv workshops to organizations that want to get their employees thinking creatively and working together. Put some joy in your work day, as we explore the fundamentals of improv and how they apply to a healthy workplace culture!

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